Debadatta Barkataki's Life

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Debadatta Barkataki

Sri Debadatta Barkataki

Assamese: দেবদত্ত বৰকটকী

He is an educationist, social worker & writer of assam, north eastern part of india.

Birth: Debadatta Barkataki was born 1st january 1951. His father was late Durgadatta Barkataki. Bili Barkataki is his mother.

Education :

Debadatta Barkataki received primary education at the age of six at Bharalumukh LP School of Guwahati, under guidance of former educationalist Bhageswari Devi.After completetion of primary educationhe joined Sonaram High School and read upto class VI. Later on he was admitted atCotton Collegiate HS School at class VII. After completetion of High School Leaving Examination,he completed Pre University classes from Pragjyotish College. he graduated from Arya Vidyapith College under guidance of late principal late Giridhar Sarma, with honours in chemistry in the year 1971. Debadatta Barkataki completed Master in chemistry from Gauhati University in 1973 and secured forst class degree in inorganic chemistry. Soon after completetion of master degree, he started Ph.D work under guidance of Prof nalini Kumar baishya on parttime basis. His father was the inspirinig force for his activities. He received Ph.D degree in the year 1981. During this period, he also completed deploma course in russian language from guwahati university.

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