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As A Writer

As a writer:

* Debadatta Barkataki was a writer since his school days. During this period, he wrote a number of articles at "Deepak" - an Assamese monthly journal for children.

* Debadatta Barkataki received science talent search competition award during 1971-72 organised by Assam Science Society.

Published Books

* Saaksharata Ne Swaksharata
 ISBN:81-7550-391-2 . December 2010
* A text book on practical chemistry in Assamese Language (1985)
* Gaseous State of matter in Assamese Language (1998)
* Higher Secondary Chemistry
 ISBN:81-291-1786-7 (1993)
* Hopes and Aspirations
*Akajali - Souvenir of AGP - December 2009

- Muslim Society of Assam and AGP  "Samtriti" - a souvenir by minority  maha sammilon AGP. Guwahati 781001 march 2005
- NK Baishya, D. barkataki. J. Indian Chemical Soc: 1980.57.411 Annal .Abs.1980.4B.184 (Sectrophotometric deternination of Vanadium V) (Spectrophotometric deternination of V (10) in presence of V(v) using Br-PADAP by AC spinola costa; Leonardo S.g; Microchimia acta. 1998 vol 130 issue 1-2 pp 41-45)
- Feasibility studies and physio chemical analysis of water of a hot spring at Jakhram of Meghalaya. Pollution Research 24.1(2005)201

National Curriculam Framework
vi NFC 2005 has been translated into language of VIII schedule of constitution. Sincere thanks are due to Dr. D. Barkataki (Assamese)

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