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1. Identity and Development: Twin chalanges in North East (Two day national workshop by CDPS in  collaberation  with British Deputy High Comission Kolkata at Guwahati on Jan 28-29 of 2008
 Featured Speaker:
 Dr Debadatta Barkataki. Director SRC Assam said that only people centric development stratergy could usher in  the necessary changes at grassroot level (Source :

2. Conferance on language development, language revitalisation and multilingual education for the minority languages of Asia.
Bangkok, Thailand. November 6-8 of 2003.
(Sponsor: SIL International , Unesco, Asia, Mohidhal University Bangkok)
Unesco position paper "Education in multilingual world" at Http:// and )

3. AIPSC sessions - AIPSC 2010 - AIPSC 2010 - home weekly

4. International conf. of language developmment 1-3 July 2008 Bangkok, Thailand

5. -do- Dhacca Bangladesh.

6. -do- Kathmandu. Nepal.

7. -do- Kunmin, China.

8. -do- Raipur, India

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